Getting Organized

Ok so Halloween is over- why do things still seem kinda spooky?

Why is food so expensive? Why is local, organic food even more expensive, while hotdogs and soda are still pretty cheap?

Do you care about preserving the Maine tradition of small family farming, independence, and the beautiful natural and pastoral environment around us?  Do you want your kids and grandkids to be able to smell, taste, and eat real food?  Are you also concerned about the unhealthy, genetically-modified and artificially-ripened foods that are becoming all too common?

Basic rights and access to affordable, healthy, local foods are increasingly being threatened by government policy and pressure from Industrial Agriculture corporations.  Mainers need to send a message to policymakers that we care about our future and our children’s future. They need to know that we are aware that our basic rights for family farms and local food  are being obstructed by over-regulation, subsidies for industrial farming, seed and food patenting, Genetically Engineered crops (GMO), fear-mongering about food-safety, and policies that are shutting down our access to local foods.

Please join the community of concerned farmers, consumers, youth, and businesses as we work to pass a local food ordinance in our towns of the Oxford Hills area.  We are not affiliated with any specific group, but are the community voice of concerned Mainers.  Please join us and speak up about protecting our health, rights, and future.

Send an email to  if you would like to learn more and get involved.


One response to “Getting Organized

  1. Besides a local food ordinance, I’d like to see a referendum on the labeling of GMO’s. You can see California’s language here:

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