Local Food Ordinance

Here is the Local Food Ordinance that has already passed in five towns in Maine, and is open for use in other towns.  Our local towns include Norway, South Paris, West Paris, Oxford, Buckfield, Sumner, Otisfield, Poland, Waterford, Mechanic Falls, Hartford, Hebron, and Harrison. We plan to use the same template,  so please take a moment to read it over and comment.

Students, farmers, consumers, and many other concerned citizens have begun organizing in the Oxford Hills community to adopt a local food ordinance.  Some people are asking, why do we really need this?  If you haven’t already, please take a moment to click on some of the links on this site and familiarize yourself with the issues.  A good place to start is by reading this letter, written by a poultry farmer to her customers in 2009

Also, please look over  issue #9 and issue#11 of the publication Saving Seeds.  It’s particularly informative, especially the article “Local Food, Local Rules,” in issue #11.

There is work for anyone that would like to become a part of this process.  Youth are encouraged to become involved as leaders.  Everyone is encouraged to start spreading the word. Please send an email to: growmainefood.farms@gmail.com if you have questions, comments or want to get involved.  Or you can simply leave a comment below.  Thanks!


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